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UniHomes focuses on developing and retaining talents. Focus on training employees through development programs.

Regularly organize training sessions, courses to supplement knowledge, practice skills periodically and according to each project. Promote and appoint capable employees to management and leadership positions.

Having a policy of rewarding and timely remuneration to link work efficiency.

Sincerity and companionship

all limits

Create and build a real estate business environment with different and unique values. Create the best corporate culture and working conditions for employees.
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6-18 million

Basic salary

Full salary probation month
Retrospective quarterly
Progressive increase in efficiency


Product variety

More than 30,000 diverse products


Sales commission

Minimum 48 million commission even if only selling 1 product
Commissions up to 70%

6 months


Opportunity for promotion right after 6 months of working with UniHomes

100 hours

Skills training

Training skills, thinking & project depth


Unlimited self-development

Career opportunities

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Recruitment process

Steps to apply


Interested candidates send Candidate Information Form or Autobiographical Curriculum Vitae (CV) including personal information, study history, experience, goals, personal interests… to the Recruitment department as follows: after :

  1. Send CV to Email:
  2. Directly call the Hotline:

After the candidate submits the application, the application information. We will select candidates with information close to the requirements of the position to be invited to attend the interview round.

The records are not suitable, we will save and use when necessary.


This is the first official meeting between the candidate and the Company. Through the interview, the candidate and the employer learn about each other and assess the candidate’s suitability for the position.

We usually evaluate candidates based on 4 main groups of factors: Health, Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.


After receiving the admission notice, the candidate needs to complete the documents and procedures required by the Human Resources Administration P.


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